Student IT Architecture Competition

SITAC is a one of it’s kind IT architecture competition open to all undergrad and graduate full time students. There is no requirement about the field of study, we have students from all faculties participating in the competition. Students get an opportunity to understand and practice the techniques of designing an information technology solution in the context of challenges, constraints and needs that are similar to the real world situations (see past events). An experienced mentor will be assigned per team to guide the students.

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Student FAQs

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Who will evaluate?

An independent expert panel comprising of Academia & highly experienced IT architects from the industry.


Mentor FAQs

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SITAC 2024 Organizing Team

Shekhar Joshi( Expedia )
Brenda Spilker( Independent )
Shrikant Palkar( Costco )
Sanjay Buradkar( Lululemon )
Sashank Tamhane( Costco )
Samir Shilamkar( Google )
Durga Tavva( TrueBlue )
Parish Aggarwal( Google )
Sukhman Ghumman( Auth0 )
Jennie Wang( Microsoft )
Nataliya Bobrovnyk( F5 )

A short sample of the final presentations. 

Visit our Webinars page for more videos about past webinars and presentations.