Student IT Architecture Competition 2022


The 2022 SITAC competition successfully culminated with the grand finale on 5/15/2022. Twenty teams representing a mix of graduate students from University of Washington, Seattle University, Minnesota State University and Carnegie Mellon University participated in this year's competition. Thirteen made it to the final presentations. Just like the 2021 competition, the entire 2022 competition was conducted in an online format due to COVID restrictions, yet the event saw the same enthusiasm and dedication from students, mentors and everybody else involved.

Problem Statement: Driving personal sustainability for environmental change


  • First Place

  • Team- Outback Pack, Carnegie Mellon University -- Daniel Zellmer, Neo Chen, Peng Dou

  • Mentor - Raj More, Costco Wholesale

  • Second Place

  • Team- WAWA, Carnegie Mellon University -- Aaron Techaratsami, Ashlyn Im, Wei Hou Chu

  • Mentor- Nick Malik, Infosys

  • Third Place

  • Team- Team Ally, University of Washington -- Wenyue Li, Wenbin Li, Ning Yi

  • Mentor- Kevin Jennings, Costco Wholesale



Leaders Panel:

The competition marathon started in Dec 2021 and ended in May 2022. The solution architecture was built through the following deliverables:

  • 1. Scope, Epics and User Stories

  • 2. Business process and UI/UX

  • 3. Software and Data Architecture

  • 4. Security and Deployment Architecture

  • 5. Technology Stack, Architecture Execution plan and Operationalization

  • 6. Final Presentation and Poster

Each student team worked with a mentor from the industry. Here's the list of the mentors for 2022 competition.

2022 Photo Gallery


“An architect is like an airline pilot, who might not look busy all of the time but use decades of experience to constantly monitor the situation, taking immediate action if they see or hear something out of the ordinary."

A group of senior IT professionals got together in 2015 to create a competition that is a one of a kind opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students.

The past six years have shown that the competition adds valuable job skills to the student's repertoire. Teams compete to develop an architectural solution for a real world problem, guided by practicing professionals from the industry. Information about past competitions can be found on our SITAC Past events page

Benefits to Students

The IT Architecture Competition is an opportunity for students to develop holistic thinking while working with an experienced professional. In the context of the current pandemic, we are also focusing on providing unpaid internship opportunities to select a set of competitors in 2022.

Some benefits to participating students:

  • Develop hands-on skills to develop comprehensive information technology solutions by building and end-to-end architecture for a complex problem

  • Mentoring with practicing architects from large organizations like Costco, REI, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, T-Mobile, IBM, Starbucks, F5 Networks Inc. and others

  • Internship opportunities with sponsoring organizations.

  • Network with senior executives and technologists from leading organizations.

  • Webinars on various architecture aspects by highly experienced architects

  • Attractive cash prizes and goodies. Past sponsors include Costco, Amazon, Microsoft, Lululemon and others.

Contact us: Email, Cell: 425-243-4464