The Grand Finale for 2023 was held on 5/21/2023.

!!Congratulations to the winning teams!!

Student IT Architecture Competition 2023 

2023 Competition Timeline

News and Updates

Key Information


     List of deliverables

#1: Scope, Epics and User Stories

#2: Business Process and UX/UI

#3: Information Architecture and Analytical Reporting

#4: Software and Security Architecture

#5: Deployment Infrastructure, Technology Stack and Execution Plan

#6: Presentation and Poster

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“An architect is like an airline pilot, who might not look busy all of the time but use decades of experience to constantly monitor the situation, taking immediate action if they see or hear something out of the ordinary."

A group of senior IT professionals got together in 2015 to create a competition that is a one of a kind opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students.

The experience of the past several years of the competition have shown that the competition adds valuable job skills to the student's repertoire. Teams compete to develop an architectural solution for a real world problem, guided by practicing professionals from the industry. 

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Benefits to Students

The IT Architecture Competition is an opportunity for students to develop holistic thinking while working with an experienced professional. In the context of the current pandemic, we are also focusing on providing unpaid internship opportunities to select a set of competitors in 2023.

Some benefits to participating students:

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